Steps On How Nigerians Can Sign Up For Elon Musk’s Monetisation on Twitter

If You are a nigeria here are few step you take to Register For Twitter STRIPES ACCOUNT An be Eligible For Elon Musk’s Monetisation on Twitter

People have been saying that you must have a STRIPES account to earn money from Elon Musk’s ads, but that’s not true. This misconception caused many users in Nigeria to miss out on Elon Money today, which is quite disappointing.

I did some research and watched complicated YouTube videos about making a STRIPES ACCOUNT. The process seemed really hard, involving things like creating a virtual business name in the US, getting a virtual US address, paying for a US phone number, a US bank account number, and other confusing stuff. It felt overwhelming!

But here’s what you actually need to do to sign up for Elon Musk’s money-making:

1)Get your Twitter account verified by signing up for Twitter Blue. You can use a VPN on your TwitterX mobile app to get around the “not available” message in Nigeria, or log in to Twitter using a laptop.

2) Signing up for Twitter Blue is easy. Just click on Twitter Blue and follow the steps to pay for your subscription, either monthly or yearly.

3) I paid using my Nigerian Naira debit card.

Now, let’s talk about the STRIPES ACCOUNT:

4) After your TwitterX account is verified, log in on a laptop (not your phone). On the top left, go to MONETIZATION. If you’re eligible, you’ll see two options:

i) Subscription

ii) Ad Revenue Sharing

For now, let’s focus on ‘ii.’ Click on it, and two choices will come up:

a) Create a STRIPES account

b) Link an existing STRIPES account.

5) Choose the FIRST option and you’ll be taken to a page where you should put in your email and Nigerian phone number. Keep following the prompts.

6) Next, add your contact address and upload your ID (like your International Passport, Driver’s License, or National ID Card). Keep following the steps until you reach the second page.

7) This is where you add your Nigerian bank details, but make sure you have the RIGHT BANK SWIFT CODE. If you’re not sure, call your bank or look it up online. Add your Nigerian bank account number, and you’re done!

The last page will show you how it looks when you’re finished.

Bonus: You can also make your STRIPES account more secure by verifying it and setting up two-factor authentication.

I hope this guide helps you. Peace out! ✌🏽

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