How To Configure Post Voicemail On iPhone

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How To Set Configure post Voicemail On iPhone

  • First open your iPhone go to your call phone app once you have enter the app,
  • There will be tab listed on you screen below E.g favorites, recents, contacts, keypad and voicemail like shown in the picture below;

Click on the voicemail tab on your screen and you will get a pop up on the screen saying Set Up Now this will show if it’s your first time visiting the page, like shown on the screen then click on it.

Click set Set Up Now and enter four to six digit password once you are done it pops out a greeting page where you will be provided with two different options Default and Custom, The default greeting is the one that apple has recorded just for you that says you have reach someone’s voicemail while the custom greeting is the one that you can can select to record your own by yourself and to do that you need to press the record under the custom greeting then you can say what ever you want that you want other people to hear, you can click stop and play until you are satisfied with what you want then save after at the top that when people call you and they hear the greeting you can see the the recording listed on the screen and you can play the recording anytime you want.

If you didn’t see the option there is a chance that your cellphone plans doesn’t have voicemail included some cellphone plan do not have voicemail by default and this is an error; what you need to to do is call your cellphone provider

If you do not see the option, please contact your mobile service provider to make sure you have voicemail as part of your service.

Here is a list of supported wireless service carriers from Apple.

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