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Explore the World of Dragon Ball Super Mugen on Your Android Mobile Device

Get ready for an exciting adventure as you dive into the world of Dragon Ball Super Mugen, available for download on your Android and iOS devices. In this article, we’ll provide you with the Dragon Ball Mugen Apk version, allowing you to install and play this captivating game offline on your Android device. Stay with us until the end to uncover all the details about this DBZ Mugen.

Dragon Ball Super Mugen Apk

Dragon Ball Super Mugen 2011 and 2018 is a fan-made fighting game inspired by the Dragon Ball Super anime series. It features characters from both the DBZ and DBGT series, offering a unique fusion of the Dragon Ball universe.

Discover Dragon Ball Mugen Apk Features

In Dragon Ball Mugen Apk, you can engage in thrilling battles with your favorite Dragon Ball Mugen characters. Select your preferred DBZ Anime Mugen warriors and embark on your journey. As you conquer battles, you’ll grow stronger, aiming to become the ultimate Mugen warrior. This game showcases the most iconic characters from the DBZ Mugen and DBS Mugen series, each with their original attacks and abilities. Are you prepared to rise to the challenge and become the mightiest Mugen hero? Download the Mugen Apk and commence your adventure today.

Dragon Ball Mugen Apk Features

  • This Dragon Ball mugen Android game can be played directly on Android and iOS devices without the need for an emulator. It’s designed as a mobile game from the ground up, ensuring a seamless experience on your device.
  • In this game, you can engage in one-on-one battles in One Player mode, which is reminiscent of the classic arcade-style single-player mode. Additionally, the one-player mode can be utilized for two-player and team battles.
  • The game offers a completely offline experience, meaning you can enjoy it without requiring an internet connection.
  • Another exciting game mode included is survival, where your character’s fate depends on your performance in battle. Use this mode to hone your skills, master the game’s controls, and become a formidable Mugen fighter.
  • Customize your gaming experience by adjusting settings such as graphics and sound to suit your preferences.

Requirements And Additional Information To Download Dragon Ball Super Mugen

Dragon Ball Super Mugen
DeveloperGojo Gamer & BVN Sasuke XD
GenreFighting Mugen
ProcessorSnapdragon 400
Online/ OfflineOffline

Dragon Ball Z fans are in for a treat with this game, as it features an impressive lineup of iconic characters. You’ll encounter characters from Dragon Ball Super, including Jiren, Hit, Zamasu, and various forms of Goku, such as Ultra Instinct. With over 65 Dragon Ball Mugen characters to choose from, each character possesses their original voice and attacks, providing an authentic gaming experience.

How to Download Dragon Ball Super Mugen:

DOWNLOAD Dragon Ball Super Mugen

To download Dragon Ball Super Mugen on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the download button provided to access the Dragon Ball Mugen Apk for Android.
  2. After clicking the download button, wait for 15 seconds to generate your download link.
  3. Once the “GET LINK” button appears, click on it to start the downloading process.
  4. Install the Dragon Ball Mugen Apk on your device after the download is complete.
  5. If you encounter any issues with the installation on Android 11, consider installing the APK from the Google File Manager App.
  6. Ensure your Android device has at least 4GB of RAM and 4GB of free internal storage to avoid “App not Installed” problems.

What is Mugen Apk?

Mugen Apk is a genre of Android games based on anime fighting games, featuring titles like Jump Force Mugen, Dragon Ball Mugen, Dragon Ball Z Mugen, and Dragon Ball Super Mugen, among others. Mugen Apk games offer an immersive anime fighting experience on your mobile device. You can find a variety of Mugen games for Android on our website.


Dragon Ball Super Mugen is a thrilling addition to the world of Android and iOS gaming. Mugen games, known for their impressive animations, are available for Android and Windows devices. This particular game, Dragon Ball Super: Saga Mugen, is compatible with Android mobile phones, offering a smooth gaming experience. With a minimum requirement of 1GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage, you can enjoy lag-free gameplay. It’s a must-try Dragon Ball Z game, suitable for all Android devices.

Dragon Ball Z Mugen Characters

Goku Base To Mastered Ultra Instinct and Anime War Goku Omni GodVegeta Base to SSB Evolution and Dragon Ball Super Manga Vegeta Ultra EgoTeen Gohan SSJ, Ultimate Gohan and Future GohanTrunks base to SSJ Rage
Black Goku SSJ and Rose.DBZ Broly and DBS BrolyFused ZamasuGogeta SSB and Mastered Ultra Instinct
Vegito SSB and Mastered Ultra InstinctGT Vegeta SSJ4Gogeta and Vegito Fusion GogitoPerfect Cell
PiccoloKrillinFrieza Golden and CoolorBardock
HitBeerusJirenKid Buu
Android 17RaditzGT Goku SSJ4Super Buu

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Dragon Ball Super Manga Characters List

Dragon Ball Super Mugen Download

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